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Snoqualmie Valley

Who I Am

I am a performer and teaching artist based in the Seattle area. I have a degree in music from Western Washington University where I studied voice pedagogy and performance techniques. While my background is primarily based in classical singing, I believe that a solid technical foundation compliments any style of singing: musical theatre, jazz, pop, and more! My #1 priority in teaching is to find the healthiest way to sing for each individual student. I have experience teaching students of all ages, and can tailor the format of lessons to a student's specific needs. More info about me.

What I Do

Voice lessons: In voice lessons, I focus on the fundamentals: breath, tone, and freedom of sound. A typical lesson may start with some stretching, followed by some breathing exercises. Once our bodies are warm and ready to sing, we move into some vocal warms and theory/ear-training work. We will generally end the lesson working on repertoire. I employ a “play-based” learning approach which I have found works well for children, but even teenage or adult students can benefit greatly from some fun games that add variety to a traditional voice lesson format. Students who have been studying with me for a while know that I am a big fan of props or toys such as kazoos, straws, stretchy bands, scarves, balloons, and more. These can be great tools to help us understand how our voices work and how to help them work more efficiently.

Audition coaching: Want to try out for your dream role? I can help you find the perfect monologue, audition song, and confidence that you need to nail that audition! I will help you build an audition package with monologues and song cuts and help coach you as you prepared your materials. For audition coaching I generally set up an initial consultation where we can discuss your goals and what types of materials you need. Then once we have selected your materials, each session will consist of a brief vocal warm up to help build your singing technique, followed by communication work on your songs and monologues.


$200 for four 60-minute lessons

$150 for four 45-minute lessons

$100 for four 30-minute lessons

Group rates are available upon request. I offer in-home lessons for a small additional fee.

It is my belief that the arts should be accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth or economic status. In an effort to promote diversity and inclusion in the arts, I offer a limited number of free or reduced-cost lessons for families experiencing financial hardship. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in lessons and think you may be eligible for tuition assistance.


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